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Who’s Ready?

Whether you want to add PR to your services or simply want to learn more about how to do your own PR and marketing, these classes are for you!

Why? Because before you can build a successful PR campaign, you need to build confidence and know how to do things right. You need to avoid those costly mistakes that not only result in no business or return on investment (ROI) but also can harm your brand. And, you need to learn how, no matter how small your budget or limited your time, you can master your marketing efforts and finally start seeing results…and I mean Big Time Results!!

As you know, I’ve been in business since 1985 and, for the last 20 or so years, my focus has been primarily on marketing. I help authors, speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs, small businesses, major corporations, and more succeed! Plus, I market my own business and books as well, so I know what it takes. But my goal with these classes is to show you how to do it for your own business. I guarantee that after you learn these principles and follow these tips, you’ll be on your way to more clients, more sales, and, above all else, more confidence in being able to grow your business. Now truly, who doesn’t want that?

The course consists of four, one-hour webinars. Unlike many webinars, these are packed full of tips and how-to information from the very start. You get to go at your own pace, but know you are not alone! As part of the course, you also get invited into our PR Success Facebook Group where I answer questions daily and we work together on your goals. I know everyone is doing that these days and you know why…because it’s a great way to get more out of events and meet others who are learning marketing basics as well. Plus, I know you’re going to have questions and I’m available to answer them. And as you see below, you’ll also get a one-on-one call with me. I want you to succeed and I’ll be sure to show you how.

You’ll learn about:

  • Creating pitches and getting in MAJOR media (and I mean Fox News, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Women’s World, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Money Magazine, to name a few.) Also, depending on your topic you can get into health publications as well. Not just business news.
  • Writing articles that get YOUR name “out there” as the expert time and time again. (You’ll see how easy it is to get your entire article published in major publications. Not just a few sentences of a quote, but your entire article.) BAMM… that’s where the magic happens!
  • Writing and distributing press releases that will result in big wins for your business. (Want more people to your event or want more recognition for your book? Than this class is for you! Plus so much more.)
  • Blogging that works and how to get more out of it. (Easy peasy steps to blog more often and get more from every single blog posting.)
  • Finding trends in media and how to effectively take advantage of these trends for your business
  • Understanding keywords, hashtags, subject lines, etc. and making them work for you.
  • How to use Social Media and I mean how to really create and maintain an effective social media campaign.
  • How to create a “Media Kit”
  • Plus, my PR secret tips (and I mean lots and lots of tips!)

We’ll look at many, many examples, discuss my tips, my “do’s and don’ts,” and I’ll even be sharing my “Magic Tips” with you!

“Marketing Madness – Best PR Tips for Your Business” Class –

  • We’ll start out with the basics for marketing your business, i.e., how to define your business (who you are and how to connect with your ideal clients) and how to understand your business. And, we’ll discuss the goals of both you and those of your clients.
  • We’ll then proceed to learn the basics of developing your brand and exactly what you need to do to always improve upon your brand
  • Next are my best tips for constructing an awesome marketing plan.
  • You’ll learn how to best use social media in your marketing…including my amazing Twitter Tip!
  • And, we’ll dig deep into paid advertising, press releases, “pitching” the media, and networking…from local networking all the way to international networking!

“Press Releases that Rock” Class – Learn the “secret sauce” of how to ROCK those RELEASES!

  • You’ll discover the basics to writing and distributing a release
  • You’ll learn how to make them accurate, timely, and pertinent to you, your clients and potential clients while being entertaining and informative
  • You’ll learn what to include…and what to leave out
  • I’ll show you how to make every word count in reaching your target audience and why timing is “of the essence”
  • You’ll find out my top-paid places to send to as well as how to create pitches to send to major media
  • You’ll see exactly how to create a pitch for your press releases to get into major media.
  • And ….so much more


This class is so key to your success. Together, we’ll learn the importance of media-pitching and how doing it right can lead to more business exposure, more sales, more clients, and more satisfaction for you and your business. We’ll discuss:

  • Really awesome “DO’s” involved in media pitching, and, likely just as important…
  • Really important pitch “DON’Ts”
  • My pitch template that can be duplicated time and again and that will absolutely result in media attention
  • How to make sure the pitch is clear, accurate, professional, and alluring!
  • Subject lines that work! Changing just a few words can get your email opened!
  • Sending out the pitch and whether you use Cision for databases or do your own research, you can pitch like a pro.

Blog – “Who’s Ready to Learn Some Blog Magic” Class – Blogging takes time, commitment, passion, and, above all else…YOU!!

  • I’ll wipe away your time commitment and “what should I write/can I write” fears in this class. Together, we’ll discover how to get the best results in the least amount of time.
  • I’ll show you why blogging is so important…not only for authors, but for just about anyone in business, and I’ll show you how it should be done right.
  • You’ll learn my “inside tips” on how to make your blogs ROCK!
  • And finally how to use your blog to go full circle in your marketing.


I’ve priced this course so everyone can do it.

ONLY $197.00

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FIFTEEN-MINUTE PRIVATE COACHING WITH ME. Tell me what your greatest need in PR is and we will discuss how to solve it. Email me at to set this up!

PR Success Facebook Group – Join our fun group as well reach goal after goal and learn more strategies on getting PR

So…who’s ready!

And now, a little about me. I’m Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing,, which offers PR and marketing services, book marketing services, and PR and Virtual Assistant coaching. I’m the co-author of Virtual Assistant – The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA. Follow me on social media at: and

Let’s Break it Down:

The bottom line is this, for a small monetary investment and time investment you’ll learn how to be a successful PR Pro. You’ll make more money and save more money because you understand how it all works. Plus, you’ll be learning from someone who has experienced tremendous success in the PR business since the mid-1980’s. From someone who knows the keys to adapting to the ever-changing technology and media opportunities. And, don’t forget that enrollment includes a fifteen-minute private coaching session and inclusion in my PR Success Facebook Group, where you’ll be able to ask questions and interact with me and other class members on a daily basis. Quite simply, it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

100% Money Back Guarantee – You Aren’t Totally Satisfied, Let Me Know and We’ll Refund You ASAP.

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What others are saying!

I’m so happy that I joined Diana’s class. Even with PR experience, I found this class to be very helpful and the connections that I made with others has been priceless. I highly recommend this for every entrepreneur that would like to learn how to do their own public relations, or even those who want to hire out, so they have a better understanding of the basics of PR. –

Desiree Wolfe / Desiree Marketing – Brand Coach and PR Services for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors & Speakers /

I was really impressed with the Publicity VA Course and Diana’s great help and knowledge. Focusing solely on one aspect of publicity for each session makes it super easy to digest, allows plenty of time to ask questions, and practice a bit before the next session topic. Diana covers the full array of where to be and how to pitch concisely written and topic focused ideas for optimum exposure. Hearing her firsthand success stories and learning from her experiences shaves so much time off the learning curve, it’s like having your very own coach guiding you through the hurdles towards the ultimate goal. I’d highly recommend this publicity course to anyone wanting to broaden their publicity efforts on the Internet or offline. What can I say, “Great material from an awesome instructor!”

Ruth Martin / Maplewood Virtual Assistance /

 100% Guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied with our program, you will get a full refund.